Profile_Pic_-_Flannel1.jpgYes, that’s my name. I run games. I’ll post more about my pretentious views on gaming and what it is and means in the near future.

Summary Provided by the Players

Flannel is the GM. Most already know the role of the GM (Game Master), but for the ones that are just now joining the D&D world or any other RPG, it is a very involved part of the game.

It involves running the game, making sure things don’t get too rocky in game play, and keeping the game tough enough to make the players work for their progression. This takes into account what planning he can do ahead of time, but also be able to think on his feet when those plans fall through the cracks due to unforeseen character progression. Flannel has run multiple sessions with multiple crowds anywhere from just two players up to the higher double digits—anywhere from standard D&D to White Wolf to niche publishers to LARPS.

Kathie wrote:

I really like how he creates a good balance between the role playing and combat sequences.
Flannel loves to talk, but he particularly loves to tell a good story that will capture a person’s attention. While we are physically playing the game, Flannel is playing another game. He wants us to have the best gaming experience possible because if we do, he wins his game.

Thoughts from Jeff:

Flannel is a veteran DM. He runs all of our campaigns, and has been the GM, DM, and ST for many settings across a broad range of platforms. He has a unique style that has allowed our group to maintain amazing story progressions, and still have the ever present feeling of death just under that next rock. He will not fudge the dice for or against the players, and he plays with just enough competitiveness to make the player feel the pressure during combat, and high level NPC exchanges. He has a unique ability to build worlds and create dialogue between players, and NPC’s that I have never been apart of before. This, along with strict adherence to the rules (between players, and DM), has allowed our group to maintain a strong bond and given us many long hours of enjoyment out of a game that I thought would never be fresh for me again.

Thoughts from Roger:

What to say in all the years that I have been a gamer, rarely have I played under a DM that has inspired such honest emotion from me. The worlds and characters that are described through his style of narrative will invoke several ranges of emotion. The worlds are not always the beacon of hope you grow accustomed to having. Sometimes they are on the brink of disaster and as such you go into the game feeling that we can make a difference, and sometimes you do. Like the real world however sometimes there is nothing you can do. Also I have played under many a DM that bribery was an option, its kind of hard to bribe a guy that typically has food waiting for you.

Ronnie mentioned:

I have played many RPGs—video game style—and have watched tons of anime. While playing under Flannel as GM I have experienced some dramatic scenes that you would not be able to experience in a videogame. I like to argue and try to exploit certain weak points in the game but he is always on top of things. As long as if you can logically and reasonably make your case about rules your feel are wrong or not being followed correctly, he is always willing to discuss them as long as it’s in a timely fashion. If you’re spouting out nonsense, he will let you know and move on. He has always listened to mine and everyone elses concerns and has always taken the matter seriously regardless how little the issue was. I always look forward to play any tabletop game when it comes to Flannels GM style, you never know what to expect. Even tho he isn’t a fan of anime, he has never discourage me from incorporating my love of anime into his games. He runs a tough game but highly enjoyable, but don’t slip up or get lazy, he loves to torture and kill characters if you do.


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