Gods and Churches of Tellene

One of the most compelling things about Kalamar as a setting is the depth of their divine fraternity. The Gods of Kalamar are more “real” in many ways than in other campaign settings. While arcane magic is rare (and often left to those strange people that have the natural, wild ability with it or the very wealthy and privileged who can afford to study it at all), divine magic is almost tangible. Commonfolk are very likely to mistake casters of any stripe for clerics or priests, emissaries from the great gods themselves.

The Celestial Council (good deities)

?? The Celestial Council Influences Church
LG Knight of the Gods chivalry, valor Halls of the Valiant
LG Holy Mother home, marriage The Home Foundation
LG Speaker of the Word honor, oaths The Hall of Oaths
LG The True justice, truth The Courts of Justice
LG The Eternal Lantern day, sun The Assembly of Light
NG The Raiser agriculture, life The Church of the Life’s Fire
NG The Peacemaker peace, comfort House of Solace
NG The Pure One love, harmony Parish of Love
NG Lord of the Silver Linings mercy, healing Church of Everlasting Hope
NG The Traveler travel, stars Temple of the Stars
CG The Guardian happiness, freedom The Face of the Free
CG Raconteur art, music Theater of the Arts
CG The Shimmering One beauty, moon Church of Night’s Beauty
CG The Great Huntress archery, hunting Temple of the Patient Arrow
CG The Coddler dreams, aspirations Church of the Silver Mist

The Grey Assembly (neutral deities)

?? The Gray Assembly Influences Church
LN The Founder law, order The Founder’s Creation
LN The Mule invention, reasoning The Fraternal Order of Aptitude
LN The PowerMaster medicine, strength Temple of the Three Strengths
LN The Old Man war, power Temple of Armed Conflict
LN Eye Opener wisdom The Order of Thought
N Mother of the Elements]] elements Assembly of the Four Corners
N The Riftmaster magic Temple of Enchantment
N The Bear]] nature Conventicle of the Great Tree
N Fate Scribe time, fate The Inevitable Order of Time
CN Battle Rager chaos, battle The Way of the Berserk
CN The Watcher wanderers, lonliness We of the Watchers
CN The Storm Lord thunder, storms The Thunderer’s Temple
CN Risk thievery, luck Church of Chance
CN The Laugher passion, wine The Order of the Passionate One

The Fiendish (evil deities)

?? The Fiendish Influences Church
LE The Corrupter envy, jealousy Courts of Inequity
LE The Overlord oppression, slavery House of Shackles
LE The Dark One dark, night Church of the Endless Night
LE The Flaymaster pain, torture Order of Agony
LE The Landlord avarice, greed Parish of the Prolific Coin
NE The Harvestor of Souls death, underworld The Congregation of the Dead
NE The Locust Lord famine, hunger House of Hunger
NE The Emperor of Scorn bigotry, hate House of Scorn
NE The Seller of Souls murder, revenge House of Knives
CE The Rotlord disease, plague The Face of the Free
CE The Confuser of Ways lies, deciet Conveticle of Affliction
CE The Prince of Terror nightmares, fear Temple of Sleepless Nights
CE The Creator of Strife discord, misfortune Temple of Strife
CE The Vicelord vice, sloth House of Vice

Gods and Churches of Tellene

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