The Duchy of Dodera

The Duchy of Dodera (population 525,000) is the smallest province in the Kalamaran Empire. Nestled between the Kakidela Mountains and the Ridara and Doreba Rivers, Dodera marks the northeastern corner of the Empire. Dodera represents the last remaining of the three Dukedoms established to protect the Imperial northland from the depraved Dejy and truly horrifying Fhokki barbarian tribes. During the last two centuries its function has changed from defender to an Imperial staging area for launching assaults into Tharggy and Paru’Bor. More recently, the Duchy’s duties have included raiding camps of Ka’Asa dwarven raider living in the Kakidela Mountains.

Since Kabori ascended the Kalamaran throne, the position of Duke of Dodera has proven to be a very temporary one, indeed. The last sixteen years have seen no less than nine different dukes. Because of failure to both reconquer Tharggy and eliminate the evil dwarven thief-kingdoms in the Kakidelas, all bur two of the dukes have been removed and executed for incompetence or disloyalty. Of those two, one met an untimely death under questionable circumstances and the other is the present Grand Duke Orilaras, bastard half-brother of Emperor Kabori.

Orilaras knows that, half-brother or nor, there is no currying favor in this Empire. If he does not conquer Tharggy or eliminate the raiding dwarves and stop their murders and pillaging by next year he will suffer the same fate as his predecessors. Thus, the Grand Duke keeps a very tight grip on his Duchy. He keeps the province well ordered, and his troops are always battle-ready. He feels that by next campaign season his troops will be ready to overrun Tharggy. Additionally, Orilaras is reported to have an extensive spy network consisting of traitor dwarves who report the location of renegade camps in the Kakidelas. It seems that, for the moment, Orilaras is content with gathering information. Eventually, he must attempt to clear the Kakidelas of terrorist conclaves, since his life may depend on it.

The Grand Duke’s plans must have some merit because he has convinced Emperor Kabori to loan him dire Imperial heavy infantry and cavalry. In addition to these troops, the Duke’s own army consists of 1,000 heavy footmen, 600 pikemen, 800 horsemen, and 250 crossbowmen. The iron, copper, tin and gold that are mined from the Kakidela Mountains and the Karagas Rise are used exclusively to support the Duke’s armies. The food supply has been severely reduced in order to support Orilaras’ men.

This, coupled with ever increasing taxes, makes life difficult for the simple farmer or shepherd. Due to the depressed, war-time economy, few merchants besides those dealing in arms and armor travel to Dodera. Demi-humans are rarely seen in Dodera, al though there are a handful of successful halfling farmers. Gnomes and dwarves stay clear for fear of enslavement—those that come are often enormously protected by monied interests like trading alliances. Elves do not like Dodera, for it is an altogether dreary and oppressive place, and those that are there are often a product of one of the many Elven Migrations to Kalamar in centuries past—and have simply never known their homelands at all, having been born in the city.

All religions have some representation in Dodera, except the Parish of the Prolific Coin (popular amongst merchants still, but not well liked by the government) and the House of Laughter, which have been banned by the Duke. The largest and most popular faiths are the Founder’s Creation, the Assembly of light, Church of Everlasting Hope, House of Scorn and the Congregation of the Dead.

The Duchy of Dodera

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